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Мини камера 690TVL Ultra WDR Pixim SEAWOLF с линзой 2.8mm

3,231.3 грн.
Артикул:  PZ0481
На складе: есть

Pixim's innovative SEAWOLF image sensor chip
This camera adopts innovative DPS(Digital Pixel System) image sensor and image processing technology. The sensor picks up details from each pixel based on hundreds of samples per video frame. vs CCD's limited exposures, to ensure wider dynamic range than analog CCD.
Ultra Wide Dynamic Range
The captured wide dynamic range is 102dB typical and can reach 120dB maximum
High Effective Resolution
Image resolution as high as 690TVL, offering enhanced horizontal and vertical resolution useable in existing as well as new CCTV systems.
Auto D/N shift mode
Adopt color mode in day, because the light is enough in day; at night the illumination is lower which need higher sensitivity and better image quality, so it change to B/W mode automatically.

High Class Menu Operation (OSD)
3D-DNR(Digital Noise Reduction)
High Resolution, 690TVL
Power input: DC12V
3.6mm wide angle lens
High performance OSD menu
Suitable to install on FPV model